Case Studies & Testimonials

References, case studies and feedback from satisfied customers
Empath-e are a UK-based CRM solution provider, and are highly committed to ongoing customer service excellence.
The following case studies, where we were the lead engineers and/or project managers, demonstrates some of the successes of Infor CRM:

Mentor Graphics Hi-Tech Polar Instruments Hi-Tech Chichester Festivities Registered Charity
Baker Tilly Accountants Irwin Mitchell Legal

Customer Testimonials

Having been a client of Empath-e for around 10 years I would have no hesitation in recommending them. We held our CRM (SalesLogix) with empath-e for many years and only left due to us requiring a different system. Empath-e’s commitment and knowledge of CRM was invaluable to our organisation. Empath-e always commits over and above to any project and nothing is too much trouble. Empath-e are professional, easy to communicate with and explain requirements in ‘real’ terms. I am not much of a ‘techy’ so it was refreshing that they met me at my knowledge level.

I hope that our paths cross at some point again in the future.

Clare Church Team Manager, ITS International Teaching Seminars

(Mar 2020 – 20 Users System transferred to empath-e in Apr 2011)

Over 25 years working with a very large number of software companies and vendors I have encountered many who have excellent technical skills. Finding one with genuinely outstanding Customer Service is much less common. So finding one with both is a rare find indeed. We have been working on a project that required expert advice in a massive hurry and the team at Empath-e could not have helped more, not only responding at incredibly short notice but, recognising that we were up against a tight deadline, well beyond service levels that anyone would normally expect of a vendor. Not only did they fully solve our problem but they did so in a way that has saved us a lot of effort elsewhere in the project. I cannot speak highly enough of them. Many, many thanks.

Doug Hesketh, Director – Advisory Services, Acora

(Aug 2015 – Acora are the strategic IT partners for Syscap)

Habia has been using the Infor CRM program for ten years now.

We recently moved our support contract to Empath-e and have been absolutely delighted with the change. They have supported us through the transition from web based Infor CRM to the LAN based version and the help that we have had from them has been second to none. Adam or Mike have always been available to answer any questions with most issues solved ‘right away’ on the telephone and, although we know that they have other clients, they always make us feel that we are the most important!

We have been particularly pleased with the way that they are always happy to accommodate the way that we work rather than squeezing our workflow into what comes “out of the box”.

I would be delighted to recommend them to anyone looking for Infor CRM support or who is looking to transition from another CRM system to Infor CRM.

Brian Dempster, System Owner, Habia Cable Group

(90 user system, transferred to empath-e in Aug 2012)

Empath-e have supported us for over five years and I have dealt with them personally for two years. I cannot recommend them highly enough; the user support we have received has been second to none, all queries, regardless of size, are dealt with quickly and efficiently. In an all too automated world it is so reassuring to know that whatever function you require from Infor CRM, there will be a friendly voice at the end of the telephone with the knowledge to tell you the answer if one exists, and the skills to find a workaround if one does not.

Thank you to one and all, your help has been much appreciated.

Danielle Rowe, Kroll OnTRack

(40 user system, transferred to empath-e in Oct 2008)

Our early use of Infor CRM stuttered due mainly to being a ‘direct’ customer of Sage and our relatively small business size. As an enthusiastic user, I registered for the Infor CRM online forums and came to know of empath-e after posting a couple of development and user related questions.  Following my first post and literally within minutes, a reply was posted by Adam Travers of empath-e offering advice and a solution (free of charge), which we still use.

Following further successful exchanges via the forum, I recommended using empath-e to our directors and they were appointed as our Infor CRM Business Partner in May 2011. As the company name suggests, empath-e quickly demonstrated a good understanding of our business and an excellent technical knowledge of Infor CRM, which is only surpassed by their passion for service and customer satisfaction.

The technical support I receive from empath-e is first-class – always timely and thorough; I also value the personal support and the good natured response to some of my questions.

Rarely am I so confident about recommending a company and would encourage any Infor CRM user to talk to empath-e  – you will not be disappointed . . .

Ian Carter, cobra network ltd

(15 user system, transferred to empath-e in May 2011)

CRM database success is very dependant on data quality.  So we spend quite a bit of time identifying data integrity rules, currently about 150 per month, for our system to automatically check for on a regular basis.  One of the hardest areas to get right is email addresses.  With email being so key to our marketing activities these days, it’s important to have emails that get delivered.  A very near match just won’t do, like it can with postal addresses, and typos continually creep into email addresses.  I’ve known the team at empath-e for a while and, although I trusted them and their software, I couldn’t plug their email confidence checker solution into our CRM system (which is supplied by someone else).  So, as usual, they came up with a good solution – they simply took my emails and returned the faulty emails & IDs the same day!  It was as easy as that.  Very cost effective as well.  Some had common typos – which were identified in the returned file, and some were tagged as not even existing.  Thanks to empath-e, we’ve immediately been able to clean the typos and ensure the emails get delivered.  It’ll take longer to sort the invalid emails – but at least we can identify the faulty ones for further investigation.  I’d recommend this service to anyone who takes their marketing data seriously.

Simon Mcnidder, Pinsent Masons LLP

I’d like to thank empath-e for the consistent and excellent support we have received. The team, especially Adam, will always go the extra mile to ensure that all our questions and issues are resolved to our satisfaction – no matter how challenging they are!

Kathryn Proctor, Jee Limited

(45 user system, transferred to empath-e in Aug 2009)
empath-e recently took over the hosting of Polar’s Infor CRM installation (with users in Austria, Guernsey, Japan, Singapore, UK and US) The process was smooth and seamless from start to finish – quite a rare event in the IT world as normally words like “just re-host” hide weekends and long evenings of pain! No such experience here – the old server was shutdown as promised at midday on Friday and by 2.30pm of the same day we were all up and running on empath-e’s new hosted service!
A well planned and executed transition – and we can already determine that the service is considerably faster than before.

Martyn Gaudion, Polar Instruments

(30 user system, transferred to empath-e in Apr 2009)

Mike is definitely someone I can recommend. From a support point of view, his knowledge of the product is extensive, we have always been able to contact him and his team and resolve issues quickly. We have been working with the product for some time now, installed by a previous provider. Moving to empath-e has helped us to better understand the product capabilities and put in configuration changes which give us better efficiencies in our business. Their support and quick turn around of work has been invaluable. I am confident that as we continue to work with his company and implement our training programme, that we will continue to improve and fit the product to suit our business needs.

Carol Pike, Zyxel Communications

(80 user system, transferred to empath-e in Apr 2008)

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for all the excellent support Syscap have received from empath-e since you have come on board as our Infor CRM support provider. Issues are always dealt with effectively and, most importantly, very quickly. The support received during the upgrade project from v6.2 to v7.2 has been first class and has made the whole project run smoothly. It’s definitely reassuring to know that we have a team on board who not only responds to every query we may have, but also who are proactive with their support.

Lakh, SYSCAP Limited

(115 user system, transferred to empath-e in April 2008)
I have to say, the changes we have made over the past year have had a massive impact on the efficiency of our sales operation.  Even with the current economic climate, we are seeing our sales are accelerating dramatically –
definitely helped by the changes made to Infor CRM.

Julian Ward, Managing Director, Quanta Training Limited

(30 user system, transferred to empath-e in August 2007)

In order to maintain and grow our business, our database use and management is critical.  We have had great efficiency and advice from Mike Spragg and his team – but the real difference has been his understanding of the way our business works and the technical guidance he has given us accordingly. We implemented a full “turn-key” solution whereby empath-e supplied, installed and maintain the hardware we now use – which has really helped our remote users and offices and streamlined our IT processes. A job well done!

Kim Aziz, Aziz Corporation

(20 user system, implementation, development and ongoing maintenance for over 3 years)

Thanks to Mike Spragg for his tireless and highly professional support during the project.

Richard Moloney, Mentor Graphics Corporation

(330 users across Europe, implementation, development and maintenance for over 10 years)

Thank you so much for the excellent work you did during our upgrade and revitalising our Infor CRM implementation. v7.2 is so much easier to use now!

Vicky, Project Manager, Quanta Training Ltd

(30 user system, implementation, development and ongoing maintenance for over 6 years)

Mike was the senior CRM technical consultant for us. His role included implementing development changes to the client server version, providing expert technical advice and carrying through data imports. Mike consistently delivered requests on time with the highest standards. His personable approach, knowledge, business acumen and excellent technical skills renders you safe with the knowledge your CRM system is in very capable hands!    

Imran Quddus, National Marketing Executive, Baker Tilly

(1300 user system, implementation & development for over 7 years)

I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for us. I know at times you’ve probably just wanted to pull your hair out at our requests!

Julie Parr, Service Excellence Manager, Muckle LLP

(120 user system, implementation & development for over 4 years)