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You cannot be competitive today without a CRM tool like Infor CRM. It’s as critical to my organisation as the telephone and when I saw the price, it really was a no brainer!
Mark Paraskeva, Sales Director, Mentor Graphics Corporation.
Award-winning Infor CRM is the CRM solution that enables businesses to acquire, retain, and develop profitable customer relationships by increasing sales and marketing performance and maximising customer satisfaction and loyalty.
With more than 300,000 users at 8,500 companies worldwide, Infor CRM is the leading CRM solution for small to medium-sized businesses and divisions of larger enterprises. It is part of the Infor Software family of integrated business management solutions.

Take a look at this very quick video Infor CRM Overview or see how Infor CRM integrates with Outlook with Infor CRM Xbar. Or, if you prefer, we have put together a document on XBar which can read more about here.

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By placing the customer at the heart of the your day-to-day operation & decision making, Infor CRM enables your entire company to easily share information about your customers and regain a complete understanding of their profile, needs and issues. It also provides a powerful, yet easy to use, suite of tools to maximise the productivity and results of your teams. You can learn more by downloading the complete brochure.
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