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New! Version 10 Released (April 2020)

Version 10 is the most powerful KnowledgeSync ever. It extends alerts and automation to the thousands of web apps your customers use everyday thanks to REST API triggers and actions.
Plus, you’ll find it has new modern features such as SQL Server database, browser UI, .NET, SQL Server Reporting Services, Twilio integration for SMS text messaging, and more.

New! Version 10 Released (April 2020)

Version 7.9 of KnowledgeSync is now available! New features include a new wizard-driven workflow interface as well as an optimisation of the application’s server architecture to optimise processing and improve system performance.
The major new features in version 7.9 include:
  • SQL Workflow Wizard. For organisations that use KnowledgeSync to trigger additions and updates within their business applications, the SQL Workflow Wizard provides a non-technical interface for users to create SQL “insert” and “update” statements.
  • Server Optimisation. In preparation for the release of “KnowledgeSync .net” later this year, the server optimisation work in v7.9 both increased the speed of event processing, and added “high availability” to KnowledgeSync’s servers, ensuring the integrity of server processing 24 x 7.
  • Email Authentication on Incoming Email. For organisations using KnowledgeSync to monitor and auto-process incoming email messages, the system now supports the monitoring of authenticated incoming email, such as messages sent to gmail or hotmail accounts.
  • Dashboard Alerts Dynamic Folder Creation. With the new dashboard alerts delivery method introduced in version 7, KnowledgeSync v7.9 now includes the ability to dynamically create secure, individual system folders for the publication of user-specific dashboards.
  • KLF Key Auto-Generation. For tables that lack unique single-field keys, the KnowledgeSync Linking Function (KLF) now auto-generates single-field unique keys so that events may be triggered based on changes to any field in any tables in a database.

Also announced along with the technological enhancements in version 7.9 are new (or updated) collections of pre-configured KnowledgeSync events (“EventPaks”) for over 20 different front-office and back-office applications, including new “Dashboard Alert” paks for many of the Swiftpage Software family of applications.
empath-e are pleased to have been certified as an official Business Partner of VineyardSoft, the supplier of KnowledgeSync. You can read more below about how KnowledgeSync can help monitor critical business activities within your Infor CRM database. v7 is now available, contact us for more information or download a full brochure.

A smoke detector for your business

Every organisation has critical information and transactions that need monitoring. A prospect who has not been followed-up with; a contract that is about to expire; a pricing error. KnowledgeSync monitors all your business data – both within your Software product lines, and beyond. Providing every organisation with much-needed Exception Management, KnowledgeSync identifies and responds to conditions that fall outside of an organisation’s standard operating procedures and enables organisations to avoid saying “If only we had known!”

Automatic Form, Document, & Report Delivery

Most organisations today spend far too much time manually running, distributing, and delivering various forms, documents, and reports to both their internal employees and external clients and partners. KnowledgeSync automates both the production and delivery of such documents, whether it’s sending quotes, invoices, or letters to clients, or distributing analytical reports to an organisation’s own managers and executives. Using the industry-standard Crystal Reports, KnowledgeSync generates forms and documents when needed – or when business conditions demand it – and delivers this information to the right people at the right time.

Intelligent Workflow & Business Process Automation

KnowledgeSync does more than just send alerts; it triggers “workflow” to update your applications, schedule intelligent tasks, and move information between anorganisation’s disparate software systems. Whether it’s to update a client’s history based on the receipt of an email message from them, or to schedule a phone call for a prospect who has not been contacted within the last week, KnowledgeSync gives organisations the means to automate (and monitor) critical business processes. You can learn more about the typical uses of KnowledgeSync here.


  • Notify staff about critical business issues when they occur
  • Identify trends or problems across your entire business by combining and analysing information from multiple systems
  • Synchronise data between multiple business applications & identify inconsistencies between databases
  • Push client or partner specific information out to a web browser for easy, self-service access
  • Know when someone changes a critical piece of business information – like a contract renewal cost or a client’s credit limit
  • Be alerted – and trigger automatic corrections – when potential problems appear in your Windows operating systems
  • Monitor activity on your website and auto-process information requests and/or questions from prospects or clients
  • Combine all your applications – including home-grown solutions – under one Business Activity Monitoring solution, and create a central point for business process management
  • Enable “follow-me alerts” that know when and where to find you based on the time of day and day of the week
  • Get an immediate ROI due to free, preconfigured collections of alerts for use with all Infor CRM Software business applications


KnowledgeSync is available in both Professional and Enterprise editions, depending on your requirements.

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