Infor CRM v8.3.0 Released

Released: 06-Apr-16

Infor CRM v8.3.0 - CRM for the mobile world

We have also tested this release on Windows 10 Insider Preview – check out our results in this document!

Summary of what has changed in Infor CRM 8.2:
  • Enriched User Interface and behaviors with adjusted text boxes, grids, navigation menu and personalization options.
  • New import tools for contacts and accounts using CSV, Outlook, and other delimited file formats with configurable field mapping.
  • New filters and new metrics via Web Admin roles.
  • Developments with Group Manager allowing you to share groups and group ownership, delete groups, and reassign groups.

Xbar 1.2 – use Infor CRM right within Outlook !

Mobile 3.3 – Rich content on any mobile device

Key Highlights of Infor CRM v8.1:

  • The left side menu panel has ability to be collapsed for increased usable space.
  • It can be returned using the 3 line configure ‘hamburger’ icon and then pinned if you want it to operate like prior versions.
  • You can easily import contacts and accounts using CSV, Outlook, and other delimited file formats.
  • The new import tool provides a number of configurable file options, including field mapping for the user interface.
  • Wizard driven, similar to the current Lead Import Wizard
  • Allows users to create new filters and metrics from Web Admin thus reducing customisation hassles (using Application Architect)
  • Found under Administrator tab:
    • Create a filter from “Filters” tab
    • Create a metric from “Metrics” tab

  • Allows users to manage groups via Web Admin role and allow access to: Group sharing, Group Ownership, Deleting Groups and Reassigning groups
  • If a user forgets their username or password, self-service feature has been added for easy accessibility for getting into Infor CRM
  • Enables the user to change the language, without changing browser settings.
  • A 32/64bit plugin for Outlook 2010/2013 – access to your CRM data directly within Outlook itself.