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The following are available to selected parties – contact us to obtain them. All utilities are written in active forms/scripts and work with version 7.2/7.5 or greater.

Description (Fee for Usage)


Automatic Email Insertion

This utility will automatically create history records (including attachments) for all emails sent and received from customers and prospects. This can replace the SendSLX facility and ensures that all communications are stored in SLX for customers & prospects.

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Email Confidence Checker

This utility can examine your database and establish the validity of email addresses. The utility has various levels of checking and is fully configurable. The utility will work on all major databases including InforCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage CRM plus others. See the product page for further information. This utility is free to those customers who take out a new Concep contract from 1st April 2009.

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Telephone Preference Services

Scan your InforCRM database for TPS entries — and stay within the law! Highly visual feedback and superquick with ADO/MS Access.

The following are available to those customers who have a valid Maintenance and Support Contract with us. Please contact us if you would like further information on availability in your area.

Description (Free)


Import Word Documents/Templates

New! Use this utility to take a standard Word document and import it into Infor CRM. Very useful if you’ve created the document directly in Word and handles most formatting without copy/paste.

Infor CRM Sync Report

Automatically receive an emailed report of how your users are synchronising, time estimates and download times.

Relationship Mapping

Bring InforCRM associations “alive” by displaying them hierarchically or via the MindManager™ plugin. You can also create multiple Contact -> Account associations e.g. Peter Smith is a Director of one company, and a non-exec Director of another.

Sage Line 50 to Infor CRM Link

The ability to load in data from Sage L50 back into Infor CRM for visibility/analysis. This version was re-written to support batch mode and is a much faster operation – reducing the processing from hours down to, on average, 15 seconds. This is using a S/L and P/L with some 3,000 Customers & Suppliers and 30,000 Item transactions within Sage.

Database Utility

Use this multi-purpose utility to scan and update any table/column within the Infor CRM database.

Duplicate Checker

Scan and report on duplicates held in the Infor CRM system – and create a new group of those duplicates quickly and easily!

Populate History

This utility enables you to populate the Infor CRM system with Notes-History items by using groups.

User Audit

Log who is logging on and off Infor CRM, record their network properties and Infor CRM version.

NB: The utilities are provided “as-is”. No warranty is provided, explicitly or implied. They work as designed but you should ensure you take all the usual backup precautions prior to installing and operating. empath-e is not responsible for any defect or loss of data howsoever caused.

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