Concep Send & Infor CRM

Manage full email marketing campaigns from/to Infor CRM

Certified Solution Partners for Concep

We are pleased to announce v3 of Concep Send for Infor CRM (v7 & v8) This now supports the latest API for Concep, improved sending speed and full API integration. Read more about how to use the system in the User Guide / Implementation Guide to see how simple, but powerful, the system is to use!

Do you need to ensure your email addresses are clean, verified and – if possible – actually live and available? If so, we can help – with our Email Confidence utility. It can work in conjunction with Concep (and is provided free of charge) but can also be used stand alone. Read More.
As certified partners of Concep we have designed an application that manages the upload of contact/campaign data from Infor CRM into Concep Campaigner and a windows service polls the Concep system and brings back click/download/delivery and undeliverable information straight into Infor CRM – without any further user interaction from your marketing department !
It provides a closed loop 360° integration between the two products and reduces your workload, by providing consistent, error free & timely information of what’s been sent and click-through information of what’s happening with your campaign and your customers/prospects. Read more about how to use the system in the User Guide / Implementation Guide to see how simple, but powerful, the system is to use! See how others have used it.
Please contact us for pricing and further information.
You can quickly and easily take any Campaign Target group and upload them directly to the Concep Campaigner contact groups. You then use this group to base your email campaign upon. Results from Concep will then be updated directly into Infor CRM with no further work required from you !

Infor CRM 7.5/8.0/8.1 Support

The system was designed for Infor CRM 7.5 and upwards. It uses the standard “out of the box” Infor CRM Campaign system views – and simply overlays the new pieces as required. There is minimal impact to your production system, which ensures future upgrades are hassle free! If you are using Infor CRM Web v8.0 – we now have integration available too for that version!

Setup & Manage Authorised Users

You can enable/manage Infor CRM users to use the system and their credentials, provided by Concep, are stored within Infor CRM. This ensures that only authorised users are able to extract data and run marketing campaigns.

Easily Extract Information, from Infor CRM

Take any Campaign Target group and send those directly to Concep. The data is transferred through the Concep API and does not require any intermediary files, CSV/Excel etc. – it is all handled directly from Infor CRM. You can choose to send this via HTTP or HTTPS (encrypted). Further, the information is appended/updated automatically – if you start with 5 people in the group and re-send 10 then, potentially, 5 are updated and 5 are added. Simple !

View & Use Contact Groups, within Concep

Now you have the Infor CRM group as a Contact Group in Concep Campaigner. Use your group to quickly and easily build new campaigns for your customers and prospects. Use the templating and design of Concep to power your campaign and ensure that your messages are delivered consistently and with all of your corporate branding maintained. The template designs can be created and locked down, and a campaign approval process ensures that a junior marketeer cannot accidentally send a badly designed or composed email to your contacts !

Gather results of Campaign - direct to Infor CRM !

You can see an overview of the campaign as it proceeds to gather data – both by campaign and by contact. This information comes directly into Infor CRM from the polling service, maintained on your server, automatically. The application is configurable so that you can create rules and events to decide how to handle old mailshots, limit the number of clicks recorded, stop recording link clicks etc.
You can now use this data within Infor CRM to create further campaigns, groups, mail-shots, trigger events etc. A very simple and elegant solution to an age old problem! We’ve been using this solution since 2008 – and it has never failed!

Real Results

“Having just used the Concep email tool for the first time I have been pleasantly surprised at what an easy tool it is to use. It is straightforward to navigate and intuitive enough to start using straight away without needing a training course or in-depth technical knowledge. I was able to send a professional looking email with ease to our customer base and then track all responses via the pre set-up reports within the tool. The support I received from Concep and Empath-e was excellent, they were quick to respond to the few queries I had and helped ensure a smooth email campaign. I would be happy to recommend the Concep system to anyone looking to implement a simple to use, professional email tool”
Claire Nicoll, Marketing Manager, ZyXEL
“Baker Tilly is currently working with empath-e to integrate Concep with Infor CRM v6.2. Mike Spragg, the lead engineer, is technically very knowledgeable, his personable and friendly approach has ensured effective delivery of the first part of the integration phase. Mike has responded to all our queries in a timely manner and has been very dependable in providing the correct technical solution. This included writing a script to convert 4.1M rows from our legacy campaign system – reducing the expected time from 47 hours to only 8 minutes! Reliable and personable with excellent technical skills are the words we would use to describe Mike”
Imran Quddus, National Marketing Assistant Manager, Baker Tilly