Quality user training, ensuring you get the most from your CRM solution

What we offer

It is important to understand that while the CRM solution will enable your company to maximise client retention, track marketing campaigns, support your sales and many other business processes, the system is only as good as the people who are using it. To this end empath-e are committed to the provision of quality user training, aimed at providing your staff with the necessary skills to get the most from your CRM solution.

Purpose-Built Course Material

We use purpose-built course materials, designed to ensure high retention of the course content. Each member of the course will receive a comprehensive manual covering both the topics covered in the course as well as a few extra hints and tips. Step-by-step guides throughout the manuals enable users to reference back to their manual at a later date and be guided through the required process.

On-Site Training

Research shows that more information is retained if learnt in the environment in which it will need to be recalled. The result of this is that the majority of training courses will take place at your offices where your users will be using the system.

Train on YOUR System

The courses will typically use a copy of your database. This means that your users will be familiar with the data and will learn how to manipulate the system and the data using real-life examples specific to your requirements.

Designed for YOU

Part of the design process will involve creating and installing customised modules which your business will use. The courses we offer will, where applicable, cover these customisations or we can create a custom course designed to teach your users how to use these modifications.

Continued Training

Whilst the installation and roll-out of the system is often the most critical time for you, it is important that thought and provision are made for ongoing support of your users. This may take the form of regular workshops or even a simple survey each year to give the system a quick health check. Either way, empath-e are here to support you throughout the life cycle of the system.