Helping Business Management

Improve performance, increase sales

Infor CRM Helping Business Managers

Infor CRM can help business owners and managers to maximise the competitiveness, productivity and performance of their organisation. It does so by providing a customer centric system that delivers powerful capabilities to the teams that use it.
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  • Place customers back at the heart of your business

    Infor CRM will help you accomplish this most basic, but all too often forgotten, principle of successful business.

    Maximise the productivity of your teams

    Your sales, marketing, customer support and management teams will benefit from productivity tools that will help them maximise their results.

    Share customer information efficiently

    Customer information can be shared efficiently amongst your teams.

    Increase your competitiveness in your industry

    Many companies already use CRM systems to maximise their own competitiveness, performance and results.

  • Drive consistent business process

    Help Infor CRM map, support and, where appropriate, automate your business processes.

    Introduce management control

    Management control can be introduced into sales, marketing, support and other related business processes.

    Gain valuable insight into business operations

    Use the powerful, yet easy to use, reporting and analysis tools.

    Achieve further efficiency and quality in your business processes

    Link the Infor CRM application with other business applications. For example, link Infor CRM to accounts application to provide quick visibility of your most profitable customers to your sales teams.

Infor CRM will make a great addition to your Mobile Team.