Alliances & Partner Products

Powerful tools to extend your Infor CRM functionality
Extending the capabilities and flexibility of your CRM system is always uppermost in our minds. We are constantly reviewing the latest innovative software on the market to complement your core system and extend its functionality.
  • If you are looking for additional systems to expand your ability to communicate and report to remote members of your organisation then Concep Campaigner or Spotler can support the developing demands of a growing business.
  • For sophisticated integration with your digital telephone system, QGate’s intelli-CTi for Infor CRM delivers increased productivity, improved reporting and enhanced activity management.
  • Looking for real-time alerts and monitoring ? KnowledgeSync can help – by keeping a watchful eye over your database, it alerts you to situations you probably didn’t even know were happening !
  • Automate employee-driven tasks & business processes with Codeless Platforms. Provide business alerts, workflow, document automation and subscription services with this sophisticated tool from Orbis.

Enhance your CRM system with these powerful tools: