Spotler for Infor CRM

Manage full email marketing campaigns from/to Infor CRM

Certified Solution Partners for Spotler

Built-in lead generation CRM integration

With Infor CRM integration, you can manage your leads directly from your CRM. From seeing who’s assigned the lead or account to tracking their website activity and their lead score. You can also link records to your current CRM data or create new ones. That way, your current customers won’t turn up as new leads and your new leads can be assigned within your CRM.

Align your Sales and Marketing processes

With Infor CRM integration, you have the ability to capture, track and manage leads through the entire sales process. With this level of integration, you can easily plan, execute and measure campaigns from start to finish in one place. Demonstrate the impact of your marketing, align it with sales actions and goals and streamline your sales pipeline process.

Create custom level campaigns in your CRM

Using drilled-down CRM data, you have the option to create multiple, targeted campaigns for your contacts based on their monitored interactions and behaviour. Set the rules you want your CRM and marketing automation to abide by, and drive marketing communications from within Infor CRM. Improve engagement levels with relevant campaigns.

Automatically match leads with CRM integration

CRM integration can match contacts and leads to an account based on their email. This means that even if you don’t know the companies, as long as you have their email addresses we can match them within your CRM. Giving you an easy way to know if you’re contacting your top targets.

Manage your marketing in one place

Use your CRM dashboards to create multiple reports that reflect what is happening in your campaigns. With data reported back into your CRM, you will know which marketing campaigns are performing automatically. With refreshing campaign support, field mapping, web capture and additional tools, you can use our integration to improve your marketing processes.

Data direct to your Infor CRM

Using Infor CRM integration, you can automatically integrate data from your lead generation and email marketing activities. Segment audiences for campaigns within CRM, push them through CommuniGator and get reporting data fed back into your CRM. Including email click throughs, website journeys, survey responses, social media activity and so much more.
See the following video for a brief overview of how Spotler works with Infor CRM