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Saleslogix v7.5.3

This release has now been superceded by Swiftpage Saleslogix v8.0

Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5.3 (Aug-2010) continued to build on the changes needed to fully support the web platform. It featured numerous enhancements such as desktop integration, a new Web administrator tool, role-based security for the Web Client, and sleek new widgets for the newly refreshed personal workspace tabs.

Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5.2 (Nov-2009) focused on usability, quality and performance, partner adoption, and the customisation experience. Activities and calendar enhancements, such as the ability to select and dismiss multiple reminders at once, streamline the user experience. Performance improvements target bandwidth issues and minimise latency. Improvements have been made to support multiple multi-byte languages in the areas of Unicode. Additionally, this release introduces a new developer community enabling members to exchange ideas and code samples – enhancing developer productivity. In tandem with this release, Swiftpage Saleslogix Mobile v5.6 includes improved calendar integration, Sdata support, and usability improvements including BlackBerry Storm UI and navigation updates and support for high-resolution devices.

Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5 was a landmark release that delivered innovative technologies and cutting-edge enhancements to provide you with an even more powerful CRM solution to help maximise customer relationships across your organisation. Best of all, Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5 gave you greater Freedom of Choice through flexible deployment options that enabled you to choose how and where you can access your CRM data – without sacrificing functionality or usability.

Find out more about SalesLogix 7.5.2We have contacted all customers eligible for a planned upgrade. Find out more here.

> Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5.3 – What’s New Datasheet (PDF) Updated for 7.5.3
> Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5.3 – Survival Guide (PDF) New for 7.5.3
> Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5.3 – Compatibility Checklist (PDF) Updated for 7.5.3 (Jun-10)
> Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5.3 – Upgrade Comparison Chart (PDF) Updated for 7.5.3
> Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5.3 – Client Feature Comparison (PDF) Updated for 7.5.3

> Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5.2 – Index Perfomance (PDF) New for 7.5.2
> Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5.2 – What’s New Presentation (1.2Mb PPT) Updated for 7.5.2

> Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5.1 – What’s New Presentation (5Mb PPT)
> Swiftpage Saleslogix v7.5 – New Brand Swiftpage Brochure