Infor CRM v8.1.0 Released

Released: 09-Jan-14

Infor CRM v8.1.0 - CRM for the mobile world

Infor CRM is the CRM platform of choice for companies strategically focused on customer engagements seeking to build cost-effective, purpose-built solutions for the mobile world. Award-winning Infor CRM enables intelligent collaboration and best practice automation across sales, marketing, and service – recommending and performing winning actions to help drive revenue and an exceptional customer experience. Experience unparalleled flexibility and control with Infor CRM 8.1 – with Cloud, on-premises, hybrid, and mobile options to accommodate diverse IT and business objectives.

Key Highlights of Infor CRM v8.1:

  • New Outlook integration features – As LAN users you may be familiar with the features.  If not, you should take a fresh new look at what they can do for you.  The new capabilities turbo charge how you manage your email.  The features utilise our Infor CRM Outlook Sync platform with integration which is fast and seamless. The new engine will replace Intellisync and is based on our multi-year research and development efforts to bring sync to a whole new level and set the bar for next-generation sync engines. The platform allows us to put Infor CRM capabilities and your Infor CRM customer data where you work.  In this case it is from within Microsoft Outlook – both on-premise and through Office 365 (hosted) solutions.  We all manage email as part of our daily tasks. Making it easier to manage interactions with customers and customer relationships, which is what Infor CRM is all about.  The new features will help bring that great customer data found, stored, managed, measured, and tracked in Infor CRM to your email in Microsoft Outlook.

    Here are some of the highlights of this particular functionality:

    • Outlook sync – Contacts
    • Outlook sync – Tasks
    • Outlook sync – Calendar items
    • Email SendSLX
    • Email Record to History
    • Mail Merge
    • Export to Excel
    • SLX Address book
    • Vcard support
    • Attach Sales Library items
    • You can look up Infor CRM contacts based on groups. The system auto-resolves contact names.  Names appear as you type them into Outlook.  You can view Infor CRM details about a contact by view the contact properties.  Create distribution lists from an account or opportunity.  Attach Infor CRM library documents to your email.  Sync your information using our new desktop-based sync engine.  You can share your contact information or customer contact information as vCards.  vCard are nifty standard way of attaching contact information in a tidy sharable file. And, at last, it’s now 32 or 64-bit compatible!
  • Innovative Social Features with Actionable Content from Twitter® and LinkedIn® – Conversations with customers have evolved from the traditional broad communications to more personal interactions, primarily due to the rise in social media. Stay in tune with your customers by meeting them in their social networks using innovative new Social Timeline, Social Profiles, and Social Buzz features available with Infor CRM v8.1. The Social Timeline delivers a comprehensive view to sales and marketing professionals who want to learn about their customers via their social activities in Twitter® and LinkedIn®. Simplify your social media experience by viewing customer posts from within their Social Timeline and dynamically participate in the discussion. From the Social Timeline you can easily turn unstructured social media posts into defined Infor CRM notes, leads, opportunities, to-dos, tickets, and feature requests. The new Social Profiles help you converse with your customers, capture feedback, and gain personal insight to eliminate the notion of a “cold call.”
  • Mobile gets Charts and KPIs a Fresh New Look – The team has been busy putting together an updated look and feel for Mobile.  The new mobile client leverages all of the great work by the behind-the-scenes Infor CRM platform team and brings you to a whole new way to work with your Infor CRM data.  You will need to see it to believe it.  If you are not smiling after seeing a demo of mobile, the new KPIs and charting will at least make you say “this is so cool!”

  • Enhanced Reporting – A number of improvements are in store for how you work with, build and use reports.  First of all, Crystal Reports gets an upgrade.  We are upgrading the Crystal Reports engine.  We are also improving how you work with your favorite reports.  More details about reporting and ad-hoc reporting as we get closer to the release.

  • Improved Dashboards – Late last year we released three new dashboard widgets.  We will roll up the dashboard widgets into 8.1. The new widgets extend the capabilities of the Infor CRM dashboard so that you can pull data in to your personalized view.  Data can come from RSS feeds, SData, and web pages.  The new web page widget is a great way to embed “micro-sites” for corporate portals, FAQs and training material.

  • Enhanced Browser Support – Another big news item for 8.1 is that the Web Client will officially support Chrome and Safari as well as current versions of Firefox.  As browsers continue to lock down their architectures to better secure our desktop, we are moving away from desktop installed components and leveraging server-side services.  If a tighter integration is required for the desktop, Internet Explorer will be our platform for future desktop integration plug-ins.