Referrals and Credits

Go ahead, treat yourself !

Referral Program

At empath-e we understand the importance of great customer service and dedication to delivering cost-effective solutions for your business. Over the last 18 months we have built upon this reputation, by adding new services, products, value and building up the team to support you and your business.

We hope that you, as a respected customer, feel as strongly as we do about this and ask you to consider whether you know of any other company that could also benefit from our services. For example, perhaps they are looking for a new network, servers or applications? Do they need a Customer Relationship Management system to manage their prospects & customers? Pareto’s Law suggests that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients for example!

However, we don’t expect you to do this for free, we have already sent our valued customers a voucher that entitles them to Marks and Spencer vouchers up to the value of £250, to be spent as you wish, simply by referring any company to us that subsequently orders a system, service or product from us! Depending on the value, we’ll even multiply the vouchers for you! There’s no expiry date or catch – this is an on-going genuine promotion!

So, if you know anyone who could benefit from our services call us on 0345 1368445, email to or complete the form below and send it back to us.

Please also do let them know – if they need any information about us they can go to for details. See our conditions page for usage guide.

PS Watch out for other offers being sent to you and your colleagues very soon!