Announcement from Swiftpage/Infor

Infor acquires Saleslogix, further details

19th August 2014


As expected the main theme of the conference call was to ensure continuity and very much “business as usual”. Infor have acquired between 50 to 60 companies since inception and they have never divested a company, rather – they have built upon what they purchased and integrated that technology within their portfolio.

The transition is being handled by Grant Holleran and he said that Infor are tremendously excited by the acquisition as it will add value to the company insofar that it is a :

  • Solution Fit
  • Market Fit
  • People Fit

They wish to minimise the disruption, especially to the partner network (where 25% of their income comes from). They see a great team at Swiftpage and the decision to purchase was based on passion and drive. It’s a long term investment and they are in it for the long-haul.

Saleslogix (to be renamed InforCRM) will provide them with a great CRM solution, which they don’t have right now. Their ERP systems deal with the Quoting, Contracting and Accounting/Server elements and they need InforCRM to bring the traditional CRM elements [Lead generation, Opportunity Management & Servicing) prior to those stages. CRM will sit at the centre of their micro-vertical suites with integration being handled by ION services.

From a revenue scope perspective – EMEA is very important, in total it brings in the same contribution as US/APAC.

Infor, as a company expect to bring the following:

  • Investment – a $2.8BN company with a great balance sheet supported by private equity groups. They are adding a further 10 people to the Saleslogix development team pretty much immediately.
  • Massive distribution channels
  • Brand – handled by Hook & Loop – their own in-house brand company
  • Viability
  • Disruptive Strategy – against the likes of MSCRM, as, previously, Swiftpage couldn’t have done this.

As far as staff, offices etc. Infor are based out of NYC but have many local offices throughout the world. It’s expected that the current offices will be maintained, along with the staff. There are, of course, overlaps and these will be handled during the 120 day integration process.

More information will be shared at the conference in November (which is definitely still going ahead, now with an emphasis on Infor). A separate FAQ (for customers) will be published shortly.



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