Saleslogix v8.1.0 Q&A

Released: 04-Feb-14

Saleslogix v8.1.0 Q & A


Shown below are some general Q&A questions raised during a recent session with Swiftpage and collected by Ed Heinsius of Swiftpage. A new Saleslogix 8.1 Q&A document will be available shortly and added to the resources page.

Q: Will Microsoft Outlook 2013 be compatible?

A: We are fully compatible with Outlook 2013 (desktop edition), and are supporting Outlook 365 as well. The direction we are going in supporting email and desktop integration is allowing you to work in your mail clients without having to bounce between email and SLX.

Q: Can Saleslogix support reports that are not created within the system (Custom Reports)

A: The new reporting engine is designed to support reports that are created and available inside of Saleslogix. We have always had ways to call out to external reports from ‘other’ reporting tools, and this has not changed in 8.1.

Q: Are ALL of the new 8.1 features available only on the web?

A: Most features are supported in both the Windows and Web clients. We are striving to make all features and functions available in all of our clients. Currently the Multiple Attendee feature is not supported in our Windows product.

Q: Does 8.1 have better Social Media integration?

A: We have added features to the 8.1 product to follow traffic on Twitter, and LinkedIn. In upcoming releases we will be adding support for most all social media platforms. The current functionality allows you to have a ‘Social-Mashup’ from Twitter feeds and LinkedIn.  These feeds can be incorporated in notes and task to make it easier for you to follow what your customers and prospects are doing and are being said about them in the social world.

Q: How is browser compatibility in 8.1

A: We made a commitment to have 8.1 compatible across all major browsers. We have a team responsible to keep things up to date and, so far, things look great.

Q: How is security handled on the Mobile platform?

A: We handle the mobile connection via SSL to encrypt data across the wire.

Q: How many different reports come in the upgrade to 8.1

A: There are over 70 ‘Out of the Box’ reports. These reports are all supported in the new reporting engine and you can run multiple reports at the same time as well as scheduling reports for later or re-occurring reporting.

Q: Can we upgrade straight from SLX 7.5.x to 8.1?

A: Great question. There is an intermediate stop that has to be made at 8.0, but once you have upgraded to 8.0 the move to 8.1 should be relatively simple.


Our demo site is now updated! or you can browse the following documents to see What’s New in this version.



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