Technical Support

Practical advice and support as soon as you need it, provided by empath-e Services Limited
No solution is complete without the appropriate support to ensure you maximise the potential of the solution. Your customised development database is duplicated for use within our support facilities.

Day to day assistance

Whenever you encounter an issue, you can contact empath-e Services on +44 (0)345 1368449. Your call will then be logged and, typically, answered within the same telephone call. If the issue is in regard to the server components, we typically have remote access facilities to login to your site and correct the issue.

If the problem relates to an individual workstation, and subject to your agreement, we can utilise remote access software GotoMeeting™ and gain secure access direct to their desktop to analyse the problem further.

Extended assistance

Enhanced SupportAll customers will have purchased an annual support & maintenance package for the software. However, empath-e Services can augment this with a further program known as Enhanced Support. This enables us to carry out maintenance, integrity checks, optimisations, server support etc. and simple customisations without the need to subscribe to the full consulting process. You can purchase from four levels of increasing service and value to your company. See the brochure for further information and contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

How well do we do?

The majority of incoming calls are closed on the first call, which is a testament to our knowledge and experience. Others require further information and analysis – but we ensure a ticket is not closed until you are completely satisfied or a work-around is found until a defect is fully fixed. Whilst we do maintain statistics, our support process ensures this is results driven – not statistically driven unlike many other companies you may have used.