Satori Software MailRoom Toolkit

Data capture, address verification and mail sort, integrated into Infor CRM


Update: November 2008 – we now have a bundle suitable for Infor CRM 7.5. In 7.5 the method of dealing with the address during an account/contact creation has changed significantly – but this allowed us to revisit the mechanism, Infor CRM now pulls back the address without the need to step through the address dialog anymore. See image.


empath-e are pleased to have been certified as an official Business Partner of Satori Software , the supplier of MailRoom Toolkit and other postcode/address formatting tools. You can read more below about how Satori can help create perfectly addressed contacts, save employee time by looking up and populating an address within your Infor CRM database as a contact/account is created, and cleanse existing data. Contact us for more information or download a full brochure.

Capture Delivers Address Quality

There are many ways invalid or incomplete addresses can infiltrate your database. Written forms may only have partial address information, callers may mispronounce streets or towns, or information may be switched during data entry. Entering addresses through

MailRoom ToolKit Capture ensures that only valid data get into your database. As each address element is entered, MailRoom ToolKit Capture searches the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) and provides only valid address options. Address elements can be entered in any order. Once the correct address is located, Capture automatically inserts each element into its proper location.

Quick address entry

Enter addresses with fewer keystrokes, such as a house number and Postcode, or even just a partial company name — MailRoom ToolKit Capture requests more information if needed to narrow the results. Simply powerful search.

Our single search field supports two methods for selecting an address:

  • Traditional drill-down — enter Postcode, then town, then street and so on, to narrow the options
  • Our innovative compound search — enter address elements separated by commas (e.g., company name, town); results are generated as each element is typed

Infor CRM Integration

By implementing the tookit, empath-e have modified the standard input forms for Infor CRM and enable them to invoke the Satori Quick Address lookup. Essentially, a user first types in the postcode, and Satori “back fills” the address automatically – ensuring the details are postcode perfect ! Learn more about this great tool !