Syscap Finance

Cost effective finance for your CRM System

Used as a cost effective way of funding your system acquisition the following are immediate benefits you can achieve by using *Syscap Finance:

Benefits at a glance

  • A cost-effective way to acquire software for your business whilst protecting your cashflow
  • Instant ROI created by quantifying the systems benefits to periodic payment.
  • There are tax efficiencies to be gained compared with purchasing business software for cash.
  • It offers the flexibility of being able to upgrade at any time during the agreement.
  • Syscap Finance Solutions have no impact on existing credit lines.

Current Offers:

Syscap 0% License Plans The Syscap 0% License Plans are a unique offering from Syscap Finance, allowing you to pay for the Infor CRM solution over time without ever incurring any interest charges. Payments are fixed at the start of the agreement  and are repayable on a quarterly basis over one or two years.

Funding of other products Although other products and support can be included in the License Plan, these other products do not qualify for low rate finance, and as such will increase the blended interest rate of the whole deal. Alternatively, if you prefer to provide Syscap Finance with a subsidy on the additional products, then a low rate can be applied across the whole deal.

*Syscap Finance is a bespoke financial and leasing programme provided by Syscap Limited (reg. no. 2471568) for the acquisition of Infor CRM solutions and associated products.