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Infor CRM Helping Marketing

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Know everything about your customers & market!

Centralise all of your customer information (their profile, needs, preferences, plans, issues, history etc) from all departments in ONE place. With this 360 degree view of your market, you can generate & target campaigns that will deliver the best results.

Create & manage successful campaigns

Easily design & manage campaigns and track their results.

Measure ROI from your investments

And their impact on sales lead generation.

Improve & automate your email marketing

Easily create, send & track HTML or plain text emails for any size of email campaign. Schedule automatic generation of email communications e.g. Newsletters, Event Reminders. Automatically & immediately reply to correspondents via email or web.

We can provide full email digital marketing - using our partners Concep Global. With Concep everything is maintained via hosted services, and information flows right back into Infor CRM via our integration platform.

Minimise time spent finding customer information

With all information in one place, you no longer need to waste time on searching for information and can better invest this time in improving the quantity and quality of your campaigns.

Effective targeting

Easily segment your database using any criteria you choose.

Track leads

Track the leads you generate and their sources.

Help you make good business decisions

Immediate & real-time insight into your marketing operations is possible, enabling you to make the right business decisions quickly.

Map your marketing or telesales process

Include your own stages, stipulate task plans to ensure your staff work the way you want them to.

Increase quality of your team's performance

By having Infor CRM support & enforce your key business processes.

Task management

Empower your team to manage their activities, prioritise key tasks, easily share & delegate tasks, ensuring they produce the best results with their time.

Dramatically reduce time

Reduce the time spent on creating and sending marketing material.

Works how you do

  • Your unique business needs & processes can be mapped simply, and these can be easily changed as you grow.
  • You can access system from Web Browser or Classic Windows Client - you choose.

Manage, store & share

Keep your marketing collateral in one place.

Infor CRM will make a great addition to your Marketing Team.