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If you would like to trial the system at your location we have two simple options, designed to assist you evaluate the potential of Infor CRM but without needing to setup SQL Server, Active Directory, Microsoft Office/Outlook or the application itself. You simply plug in the box and access it immediately via Remote Desktop to the server, but hosted in your office.

We can provide either a complete demo VMWare Image for you to install on VMWare ESXi Server (free from and try the system at your leisure and on your equipment. The image provides a complete implementation, has everything you need to try out the system and does not impact upon your existing systems.
We can provide a complete server for evaluation purposes. Running VMWare ESXi, this server simply plugs into your existing network and you can access Infor CRM immediately with no further setup to do. Once finished, simply return the unit to us.

Please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss your enquiry in more detail.